3D Dental Images Available Via The Complete Cloud™

MBS Secure now makes it easier than ever to view your i-CAT™ Tx STUDIO™ 3D images with a ground-breaking platform powered by The Complete Cloud™.

Unchain yourself from the office and reclaim your work-life balance by accessing your 3D dental images from anywhere, at any time – provided you have an internet connection.


How We You Get You Up and Running in The Complete Cloud™

With The Complete Cloud™ you can:

  • Grow your dental practice
  • Improve performance and ensure compliance
  • Save thousands on IT expenses

Our cloud experts will get you up and running with little or no interruption to your daily operations.


The Complete Cloud™: The Cloud Solution for Growing Multi-Location Dental Practices

The Complete Cloud™ from MBS Secure. Streamline, protect, and grow your business with:

  • A network you can count on
  • Complete security and compliance
  • The ability to scale and expand with ease

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