Multi-Location IT Experts

Supporting Your Dental Group Practice

The price tags on some components of expansion are unavoidable, like leasing space for new locations.

However, other large expenses are avoidable — like IT infrastructure. If you could simplify yours and reduce ongoing dental practice management costs, what would your growth plan look like?

Do you have a:

  • Single location practice?
  • Two or three location practice?
  • Plan to open more locations?

Whatever your current size, your computer technology is critical to your growth. It can also determine how effectively you’re able to meet the following multi-location challenges head-on.

Multi-Location Challenges

Dental IT Expertise

You need the right IT experts on your team to handle the high demands of multiple offices — experts who understand the ins and outs of managing multiple dental operations.

Scaling Operations

You need the best technology to onboard new locations effectively and efficiently, and grow your group practice. But building the infrastructure can be costly and complex.

Patient Experience

You need top-drawer security, up-time, redundancy, and failover to ensure quality patient experience across all touchpoints.

We can show you how to build AND MANAGE a cost-effective group dental practice by focusing on these three areas:


Identify your business strategy:

Align technology infrastructure now and in the future. It will give you a roadmap of your business journey, right up to your end goal.


Predict a fixed monthly budget:

Rely on experts who specialize in multi-location technology to keep your systems up and running.


Show patients you care:

Avoid disruption by maintaining a seamless patient experience across all of your locations. Patients will appreciate it.

We are here to take the lion’s share of work off your shoulders.

That way, you only focus on developing your group practice. And keeping your patients satisfied. Then we’ll be able to focus on providing services to you — essential for your growth — because we have:

Infrastructure and cloud technology experts with over 15 years of experience

Deep expertise in cloud based dental practice management and technology

A strong track-record of success

At MBS Secure, we understand the technology of multi-locations — let us help you transform your dental practice and expand your business.