Your Internet, made simple

Stop worrying about your Internet performance. MBS Secure’s SD-WAN solution is here to help.

Keeping Your Practice Connected

Your dental practice has a lot to focus on. The performance of your Internet shouldn’t be one of them. MBS Secure gives you the stress-free path to the Internet that your dental practice requires through the power of multiple connections.

Multiple Connections. One Dynamic Internet.

MBS Secure’s SD-WAN solution links a plug-and-play router in your office to our gateway of Cloud connections. Powered by Bigleaf Technologies, this model ensures all of your business-critical applications are routed to the best available connections in real-time.

MBS Secure’s SD-WAN solution brings you a unique and reliable path to the Cloud. Powered by Bigleaf Technologies, our solution connects you to multiple Internet providers simultaneously. Through this approach, we’re able to increase the performance, reliability and value of your Internet experience.

What This Means To Your Practice

Intelligent Load Balancing

Whether you’re uploading large x-ray images or sharing patient files, our SD-WAN solutions intelligently matches your traffic needs with the appropriate connection and all in real-time.

Failover Protection

Should a circuit fail occur, our solutions keep all of your applications connected to minimize disruption to your practice.

Keeping You and Your Patient Information Safe

Our multiple-connection solution means that we can retrieve your information from multiple machines in the Cloud. This model ensures your patient and critical practice information is protected from a single machine server crash.

Key Benefits of SD-WAN

Real-time Monitoring & Response

Our monitoring system keeps a watch on your circuit performance and traffic flows and adapts to fluctuations in real-time.

Cost Savings

MBS Secure’s SD-WAN solution, powered by Bigleaf, transforms basic Internet connections into a single enterprise-grade solution that’s significantly cheaper than a fiber-only model.


Bigleaf’s SLA-backed services are designed to protect your practice’s mission-critical applications and keep them running in high-performance at all times.

24X7 Support

Our reliable support engineers are always available to help you troubleshoot any issues you encounter with our SD-WAN solution.

Robust Security

Bigleaf’s infrastructure keeps your SD-WAN connections separate from your security platform thereby protecting your security policies and compliance at all times.

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