Let Cloud Based Dental Software Be Your New Best Friend.

Picture this. A scenario that many Dental Office Managers currently face:

  • You’ve got two dental practice locations, separated by 100 miles.
  • Both office 1 and 2 have dental practice management software in place.
  • However, the dental software for the two offices do not talk to each other.
  • To access info from dental office 2, you drive 100 miles one way to get what you need.
  • Then, most likely, you’ll have to drive another 100 miles to get back to dental office 1.
  • Your day is shot.
  • On top of everything else, you still have a to-do list a mile long sitting and waiting at your desk.

Perhaps, you’re a manager of a single-location practice. Then this scenario may be true:

  • Patient info is on only one desktop in the dental office, and it’s not yours.
  • Dental imaging is on another, and it still isn’t yours.
  • Dental billing is on yet another, and you’ve got it, it’s not yours.
  • Email is on another, and yup, this time it is on yours.

So you spend wasted time moving from one workstation to another, gathering the info you need, printing it all out, and trying to deal with a mass of papers. Who said it was a paperless office, anyway?

A Typical Day in the Life of a Dental Office Manager

There’s no such thing as a typical day for a dental office manager, but this infographic shows just how versatile — and overworked — these managers are.

Daily Duties

Manage the front dental office

Interact with dental patients; respond to patient concerns and questions

Coach staff on how to provide exemplary patient care

Make sure patient appointments, cancellations, and last-minute emergencies are well handled

Ensure facility is clean and safe, and sterilization procedures are followed

Prep dentist about each incoming patient

Enforce dental office policies

Motivate staff

Oversee scheduling of dental patients

Review and respond to online reviews and social media mentions

Keeping dentist’s schedule full

Weekly Duties

Work to acquire new dental patients

Schedule staff

Handle accounts payable and receivable

Oversee billing on insurance companies

Oversee dental patient payment collections

Arrange staff meetings

Document policies and procedures

Ensure budget for dental office is on track

Deal with payroll

Meet with each staff member individually

Maintain employee records

Maintain and build vendor relationships

Oversee practice website

Train staff on use of a variety of technologies

Monthly Duties

Coordinate marketing to help grow dental practice

Arrange staff meetings

Review and update policies and procedures

Review and adjust budget as needed

Perform inventory control and management to support cost reduction initiatives

Review HIPAA and OSHA requirements to ensure compliance

Oversee creation of dental patient testimonial videos

Ensure SEO is functioning well

Quarterly Duties

Arrange staff meetings

Create customized job descriptions for each staff position

Hire and train new staff

Conduct personnel reviews

Find areas that need improvement and put plan in place

What If There Were a Simpler, More Efficient Way to Handle Dental Practice Management?

There is.

You put your dental practice management software, your imaging software, your scheduling software, your billing software — whatever it is that you need access to — all in one location in The Complete Cloud™.

The Complete Cloud™ is a private cloud, so no nosy internet snoops can access it. It’s HIPAA-compliant and incredibly secure with military-grade encryption.

But even better, a cloud based-dental software solution puts information you need at your fingertips — whether you’re at your desk, at home on your tablet, or on the road with your smartphone.

No more wasted time and travel because The Complete Cloud™ talks to all your dental practice locations. All the info is in one place. No more frustration with finding the data you need.

The Complete Cloud™ Dental Software Solution

We Sell You A Solution, Not Just A Product

The Complete Cloud™ is a managed, platform-based solution that basically bridges the gap for Dentrix, Open Dental, and all the dental practice management software that you have today.

  • It integrates all the apps you currently use, so your workflow actually flows.
  • It’s scalable and grows as you do, so it will work whether you expand to two dental locations or 200.
  • Cloud-based dental software offers simple billing based on a per computer or per employee license for a VPN so you can access The Complete Cloud™ from home or anywhere (without any further cost).

We’re Your Offsite Dental Practice Management IT Team

We’re a team of diverse IT specialists, including dental software specialists, systems engineers, data center cloud experts, and security specialists who specialize in dental practices. We’re all under one roof and provide support whenever it’s needed and in whatever area you need. Give us a call at 877-627-0787 and learn how we can make your life easier.