You’ve whipped your dental office staff into shape, kept your dentist and patients happy, but now your local IT guy says it’s time to replace that aging server before it craps out. After all, it’s what the dental practice has done every few years ad infinitum, right?

But, guess what happens?

Your first server cost $7,700 and lasted 3 years. You replaced it for another server that cost $7,000 and that lasted 5 years. Now, you’ve grown and need a more powerful server that will cost $10,000 and who knows how long it will last?

Look at all that capital expense that eats into the practice’s profits.


It’s a question of capital expenditures vs operating expenses. If you could do away with your on-premises dental office server and use one from a managed services provider like MBS Secure, you’d pay a fraction of the amount. Actually, it would be a small, monthly expense per user. And that would be an operating cost instead of a capex, which could make your budgeting process way easier.

To be transparent, take a look at typical server costs from a managed services provider:

  • A normal 10-computer office would be about $750 a month.
  • It’s a simple process to add users for about $39 a month.
  • When you start to get to 100 or 200 employees, we work to provide user pack discounts.

Have You Considered the Maintenance Cost of Your Server?

Not only do you have the initial expensive outlay, you’ve the got to pay for:

  • Server setup costs
  • General maintenance to keep it all in good working order
  • Verification that your backups are working
  • The right patches to be installed at the right time
  • Installation of application updates
  • Checking for hardware errors
  • Reviewing user accounts

And What About All Your Licensing Costs?

All those software subscriptions add up. Just as does the licensing costs of Microsoft Exchange for your email, the SQL database you use, and even the bloody server itself. Imagine what you could save if you could offload all that and save those fees to put back into the dental practice?

Have You Thought About the Security Costs Associated with an On-site Server?

If you set up a server on-site in your dental practice, you’ve got to look at security costs. How much does it cost to ensure restricted access? What if you keep the server under your desk and someone steals it? And, just how secure is your dental building, anyway?

A move to a heavily-guarded, highly-secure data centre — such as what MBS Secure offers — gives you peace of mind that all is well and all data is secure from just about anything, including fires, intruders, and more.


As the efficient, practical dental office manager that you are, you take your share of the responsibility to help the practice grow. But, what happens when you’re wildly successful?

Do you really want to buy another server or servers? Do you really want to go through the installation, setup, and maintenance needs in addition to what you already pay?

If you move to The Complete Cloud™, you don’t need to worry about any of that. You just give us a call and say you’re hiring 10 more dental office staff. We’ll ensure the server you’re on with us will handle any growth. It’s kind of like “on-demand.” As you grow — or contract — we work with you and make it easy to add or remove users. And, we can do it in a matter of minutes. No waiting.

Are You a Dental Office Manager or a Manager of Servers?

We’re long-past the need to have on-site servers. Technology has advanced. It’s cheaper to have a managed services partner deal with the hardware and maintenance issues than to do it yourself.

And, it frees up some of your time to focus on the things you like about being a dental office manager.

Solution? Outsource dental office server management to The Complete Cloud™.

The Link Between HIPAA and Servers

The IT support team you use to setup and install your server, printers and workstations, knows his stuff. Everything always works. But, does that guy really know about the 19 different HIPAA requirements that he’s got to address with the server?

Can you be sure you’re not setting yourself up for a HIPAA violation?

That server that’s now sitting in a closet or under your desk and needs to be replaced is subject to 19 different HIPAA technical and physical requirements.


Moving to The Complete Cloud™ will fulfill your HIPAA technical and physical requirements. If there’s an audit, MBS Secure has the audit trail that’s required and ensures that you’re in compliance.

Moving to The Complete Cloud™ can save you up to 50% on your dental office IT costs. And these costs are now operating costs, not capital expenditures, so you can budget more easily.

Other Benefits of Moving to The Complete Cloud™

Never buy another server for your dental office. Lower your IT costs

Rest easy knowing your dental office server in the cloud is HIPAA compliant. Gain a knowledgeable IT team with specific experience in dental software.

Minimize disruptions. Securely access your data from any device, anywhere.

Continue to use all the software and dental practice management software you already use.

Your IT Guy Still Has a Role

MBS Secure’s team of IT support, security, and HIPAA experts, and its expertise in the dental field will manage all your tech needs in the Cloud — at a fraction of what you pay for all that on-site hardware.

But, your current IT support team still has a role. You’ll still need printers and workstations installed once in a while, and if there’s a glitch somewhere, you know they’ll be there. Perhaps it’s time to rely on him for the areas of his expertise and not just hope he knows about HIPAA requirements.

So, don’t replace that ageing server. Save money, hassle, and be assured of compliance with The Complete Cloud™.

Simplify Business Growth Today

MBS Secure can ensure the integration of your existing dental systems and applications, imaging, email, data, and business software across all devices and locations. We are subject matter experts in Dental IT, including Dentrix Enterprise.

The adoption of cloud-based solutions to assist with the management of your dental practice is quickly becoming the new standard. Don’t get left behind, chat to MBS Secure about converting today!