As your business grows, multi-site dental office management can become more of an issue. How do you know how individual sites are performing and how do you specify issues or areas of improvement? By using analytics to monitor your dental business performance.

The use of cloud-based dental software can ease this burden while helping things run more efficiently. After all, technology is about making things easier, so why not utilize it? Your current situation may be like spinning multiple plates, this software will spin all of the plates for you, while holding them up.


Consider the following areas which will give you the ultimate picture of how your dental practice is running:

  • Production figures (daily, weekly, monthly, and annual)
  • Collections (Are all of your fees being paid?)
  • Profit (total revenue after operating expenses)
  • Overhead (What percentage of total income are your expenses)
  • New patients (Is your business growing?)
  • Fee-for-service vs. insurance production (What drives your business?)
  • Cancellations (Is this number excessively large?)
  • Customer satisfaction (What feedback, if any, are you receiving?)

The main goal should be to increase the efficiency of your dental practice. The easiest way to do this is an automated dashboard that works with any Dental Practice Management systems you may already use. Do you get annoyed by having to jump in and out of different programs and systems? The aim is to avoid this as much as possible.

The dental management software should include:

  • Real-time analytics from KPIs
  • On-demand analytics
  • Mobile or multi-location access
  • Detailed dental metrics data
  • Monitoring of trends of the dental practice
  • Earnings of each location

Information You Need

Data should easily supply performance results, areas for improvement/benchmark of performance, individual site KPIs, and overall dental practice performance. A complete cloud-based option will provide security, compliance, backups, software configuration, equipment maintenance, and more within the one system.

You will have the ability to easily change to a fully managed environment that works with the necessary dental software resources and support that you use every day!

When looking for easy-to-use, all-in-one customer reporting, your system should feature the following:

  • Summary
  • New Patients
  • Appointment Cancellations
  • Invoice Production
  • Treatment Plans


It is almost impossible to run all of your systems, dental software and hardware without an integrated management system. With 85% of dental practices already using dental practice management software, you are already at the less efficient end of the group without it. From patient records to communication between the front desk and the dental surgeon, all areas of your dental practice benefit.

The integrated management approach is:

  • the easiest way to manage large amounts of patient data
  • the quickest and most efficient way to access information
  • the capability to add data from both internal and external sources to the patient’s file
  • the ability to facilitate the flow of information throughout the practice
  • the communication via instant messaging between the various areas of the practice

Simplify Business Growth Today

MBS Secure can ensure the integration of your existing systems and applications, imaging, email, data, and business software across all devices and locations. We are subject matter experts in Dental IT, including Dentrix Enterprise.

The adoption of cloud-based dental software solutions to assist with the management of your dental practice is quickly becoming the new standard. Don’t get left behind, chat to MBS Secure about converting today!